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The Belém Palace is well known for being the official residence of the President of the Republic. But what many do not know is that on the 1st of November 1755, the Royal Family escaped certain death there. This route is intended for you to discover Belém as it was during the monarchy, and its connection to the Portuguese Royal House.


On this route we shall also visit the Ajuda Palace, where King D. Luís and Queen D. Maria Pia lived during their reign; the magnificent Royal Library adjacent to it; the Botanical Garden created for the tutoring of princes; the Belém Palace, where Queen D. Maria II and King D. Fernando also resided for a brief period of time. This last location is also where the future King D. Carlos and his wife would come to live. Also on the route is the royal horse ring - which until recently housed the National Coach Museum - and the new museum where the royal vehicles have been transferred to.


But since every story concerning royalty also has its dark side, the journey would not be complete without a visit to Chão Salgado (behind Pastéis the Belém), where the Távora family was tortured after being accused of an attempt on D. José’s life, as well as a visit to the Calheta Palace, where the trial’s interrogations were held.


Tour Half day (average time): 3h30 | Tour Full day (average time): 7h

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