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Palácio do Governador

It’s not just another hotel in Lisbon. It is the Palácio do Governador (Governor’s Palace, in English), with 60 different rooms near the Tagus river in the historic centre of Belém, one of the most beautiful and emblematic areas of the capital. Built on the site of the former house of the governor of the Tower of Belém, exquisitely restored, on top of roman ruins probably from the 1st to the 5th century, the Palácio do Governador is a palatial building with a reception that once was a chapel, a restaurant with original domes as ceilings and contemporary SPA that’s linked to the ancient thermal traditions of Mediterranean cultures. Close to the Tagus and national historic monuments, the Palácio do Governador is the natural choice for anyone who wants to be in Lisbon, near everything, from culture to leisure and far enough from the frenzy of the city centre.


The entrance is through the courtyard where the “cetárias” (stone tubs) of the ancient roman fish sauce factory, “garum”, exported in amphoras to the entire roman world. The lobby reception is located in the former Chapel, with walls and restored original tiles, leather wood and double ceiling height. The genuine historic and architectural value is revealed in each of the five floors of the hotel: on the vaulted ceilings of the restaurant room, on the successive arches of the ground floor rooms and on the wainscoting tiles in the living rooms and suites. The balconies facing south offer the guests and visitors a privileged terrace overlooking the outdoor pool, the Belém Tower and the Tagus river.


Link: http://www.nauhotels.com/index.php/pt/hoteis-e-apartamentos/lisboa/palacio-do-governador



Rua Bartolomeu Dias, 117
1400-030 Lisboa, Portugal

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Tel: (+351) 213 007 009
Email: bookings@nauhotels.com


Palácio do Governador
Aberto todo o ano

Restaurante Ânfora

Breakfast: 07h30 to 10h30

Lunch: 12h30 to 15h00

Dinner: 19h30 to 22h30


10h00 às 20h00


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