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Get to know
Centro Cultural de Belém

Harmonie Prince Guillaume

2 September 2015

Schedule: 09PM

Small Auditorium

Age: +6
1 hour without an interval


    Free Admission


The Differdange Brass Band League was officially founded on 17 July, 1884, but it was not until 1964 that a philharmonic youth band – one of the first in Luxembourg – was created.
Today, Harmonie Prince Guillaume is an orchestra of 30 young musicians with ages ranging from 11 to 27, originating from Differdange, in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.
In November last year, the orchestra celebrated its 50th anniversary, holding various special events. Now, one of the next stages in these festivities takes them on a tour outside Luxembourg. Given the large number of musicians of Portuguese origin and ancestry, the destination was easy to choose. Lisbon, Porto and Chaves will be welcoming Harmonie Prince Guillaume. The first concert in their tour, which will also symbolise the close ties of friendship between Portugal and Luxembourg will be held at the CCB, on 2 September. The programme will not only include pop and rock songs from the last few decades, but also some Portuguese songs and some typical Luxembourg music.


Ouverture HPG No. 5 
Cheira bem, Cheira a Lisboa
La Gioventù – Composition officielle du 50e anniversaire de l’HPG
Marche Prince Guillaume
Lisboa dos Manjericos
Postal dos Correios
Forget you
Seleção Quinta do Bill
21st Century Breakdown
Happy Clocks
Tambour battant

Production | Embassy of Luxembourg in Portugal


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