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Get to know
Centro Cultural de Belém

London Community Gospel Choir

3 December 2015

Schedule: 21:00

Main Auditorium
Age: + 6
Duration: 90min 
No Intermission


    1st Stalls 35€
    2nd Stalls 32€
    Laterals 32€
    Reduced Mobility 20€
    Central Boxes 30€
    Lateral Boxes 25€
    Lateral Circle 22€
    1st Circle 30€
    2nd Circle 25€
    Balconies 20€



Founded in 1982 by Reverend Bazil Meade, London Community Gospel Choir are one of the most considered and respected choirs of Gospel in England and in the world, having played and participated with renowned artists such as Madonna, Elton John, Blur, Eric Clapton and Kylie Minogue.
When they enter the stage, LCGC exalt a tremendous energy that our hearts would have to be made of stone for us to be indifferent or not moved with the experience it ist of to watch and to hear LCGC.
The perfect harmonies combined with a total delivery and complicity among the musicians; make this a memorable and unforgettable show.
Prove of that are the several sold out shows that the choir already presented in Portugal in past years, from where the audience always leaves eager for more!

Production | Incubadora d’Artes


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