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Get to know
Centro Cultural de Belém

John Pizzarelli | The Music of Sinatra Tour

4 october 2015


Schedule: 9PM


Main Auditorium

Age: +6
90 minutes


    1st Stalls 22,5€
    2nd Stalls  22,5€
    Reduced Mobility  22,5€


Like olives and Martinis, French cuffs and gold links, John Pizzarelli and the Sinatra song book seem an inevitable fit. Stylistically, the two Jersey boys are about as distant as Palm Springs and Palm Beach. Pizzarelli is pure, unadulterated jazz – cool genius for the hipster cognoscenti. Sinatra was all heart, blending two fingers of emotional gutsiness with a jigger of cocksure bravado. With Sinatra you always knew he’d get (or already had) the girl; with Pizzarelli you find yourself constantly hoping he will.
Pizzarelli opened for Frank Sinatra on a tour at the very end of the leg end’s career, and he knows he’s no Sinatra. That is the key for this show success!

Incubadora d'artes Production

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