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Get to know
Centro Cultural de Belém


Written and performed by Salvador Martinha

12 September 2015


Schedule: 09:00PM

Small Auditorium

Age: +16


    Stalls 15 €
    Laterals 13 €


After the Cábula stand-up season, during which he tried out some of the ideas that he had been noting down, Salvador Martinha is now better prepared than ever to travel around the country from North to South, performing his comedy shows. Everything is all very carefully worked out, and, with a ready response always on the tip of his tongue, the comedian talks in his own special language, using expressions popularised by various people, such as “pussy” or “raton”, discussing themes from everyday life in Portugal: technologies, trends and the relationship between men and women. The CCB will host this show filled with good jokes and lots of physical gestures, in which the audience is never forgotten and anybody can be called upon to be the comedian’s partner for the night.

Production | H2N

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