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Centro Cultural de Belém

Portuguese Symphony Orchestra

7.ª Sinfonia, de Gustav Mahler

27 september 2015

Schedule: 5PM


Main Auditorium

Age: +6


    1st Stalls 18 €  
    2nd Stalls 15 €  
    Laterals  10 €  
    Reduced Mobility 10 €  
    Central Boxes 15 €  
    Lateral Boxes 15 €  
    1st Circle 12,5 €  
    2nd Circle 7,5 €  
    Lateral Circle 10 €  
    Balconies 5 €


Mahler began to compose his 7th Symphony in the summer of 1904, but only completed it in August 1905. It was first performed in Prague in September 1908, in a concert with the Czech Philharmonic Orchestra, conducted by Gustav Mahler himself. Also known as the “symphony of contrasts”, it was for many years the least performed of the composer’s symphonies, marking a transition from romanticism to modernity and being heavily influenced by the social, political and artistic movements of the early 20th century. And, at the level of harmonics, it is probably Mahler’s most advanced work, with an abundance of dissonances and abrupt modulations. We will now hear it played by the Portuguese Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Joana Carneiro.

Portuguese Symphony Orchestra
Joana Carneiro condutor

Gustav Mahler Sinfonia n.º 7, Canto da Noite

Coproduction |CCB | Orquestra Sinfónica Portuguesa


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