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Get to know
Centro Cultural de Belém

Pedro Mestre – Campaniça do despique

22 September 2015 

Schedule: 9PM


Main Auditorium

Age: M/6
Duration: 1 hour 20 mins without an interval


    1st Stalls  15 €
    2nd Stalls 12 €
    Laterals 10 €
    Reduced Mobility 10 €
    Central Boxes  15 €
    Lateral Boxes 12 €
    Lateral Circle 10 €
    1st Circle 10 €
    2nd Circle  7,5 €
    Balconies  5 €


Pedro Mestre will be coming to the CCB to present his most recent release, Campaniça do Despique, in a live concert. As a musician, he evokes the most genuine sounds from his playing of the “Campaniça” guitar, an instrument that has always accompanied the traditional improvised singing of the Alentejo.
At this concert, Mestre will be presenting previously unheard music, written both by himself and by José David, as well as other themes from the traditional Alentejo songbook, which are given a whole new lease of life here. His album, Campaniça do Despique, is intended to provide a continuation for the work of this musician, in which tradition and innovation go hand in hand, helping this cultural identity and collective memory of a people to cross borders and reach new audiences.
Performing alongside Pedro Mestre, and accompanied by his “Campaniça” guitar, will be the Rancho de Cantadores de Aldeia Nova de São Bento, a singing group who will be bringing with them the famous cante alentejano, and a quintet of musicians. There will also be various other special guests in this unique concert at the CCB.

Pedro Mestre Vocals, Campaniça Guitar
Pedro Calado Vocals
David Pereira Vocals
José Diogo Bento Vocals
Rancho de Cantadores de Aldeia Nova de São Bento Vocals (25)
José David Piano
Miguel Carreira Accordion, Guitar, Campaniça Guitar
Vasco Sousa Bass Guitar, Double Bass
Tânia Lopes Percussion
Aline Santos Flute
Banda Filarmónica 1º de Janeiro  Horn, Bombardon, Baritone Sax, Cymbals

Production | Viola Campaniça Produções Musicais


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